Our first goal for our two-year old student is to have a happy and healthy separation from home. Once this is accomplished, our next objective is socialization. At this point in their development seeing another’s point of view is a crucial step in learning. Typically a child this age is completely egocentric and has their own agenda. We are guiding them to learn how to interact with their peers and move from parallel to interactive play. Routine and structure anchor their day. Developing a strong sense of independence is also a large part of our daily routine. We gently introduce concepts such as colors, letters, shapes, numbers, the seasons, and holidays. We incorporate these themes into art, science, cooking, music, books and games. Circle time lasts about a half an hour and covers calendar, weather, letters and colors daily. Our teachers use many props and felt board stories during circle time to keep children’s attention. The day is rounded out with outdoor play, naptime, breakfast, lunch, snacks, free play, music and movement and art. Children do not need to be toilet trained.

Up to 12 children with 3 teachers.