Our focus of the three year old class is to foster a love of school and learning. We provide numerous group activities to promote awareness and compassion towards their peers. The students practice following directions, rules, listening skills, and taking turns. We study letter of the week to introduce letter recognition and phonic awareness. The class incorporates shape, color, number and letter recognition into everyday class work. Reading readiness is established through a print rich environment of books, games and song. We strive to develop a positive self-image and self-confidence. The class looks at topics such as the seasons, all about me, my five senses, holidays, opposites, sorting, graphing and counting. We challenge students to problem solve and discover solutions to their questions. Multi –step art, science and cooking projects guide the student to observe and hypothesize throughout the activity. Children can verbally express themselves and learn positive ways to interact with their classmates. Children do not need to be toilet trained.

Up to 16 children with 3 teachers.