Our primary goal is to continue a love of school and learning. Our program relies heavily on pre-reading and language arts. We focus on Letter of the Week, phonics, sight words, simple math and kindergarten readiness. Children learn high frequency sight words and leave our facility with about a 50 word reading vocabulary. Children work hard on fine motor skills and following multi–step directions. This provides a foundation imperative for Kindergarten. We continue to encourage students to count, classify, sort, graph and recognize patterns, shapes and colors. Our five senses are incorporated into our science experiments through observation and discovery. The class continues group projects in order to promote a strong sense of community. We study other cultures, and how children may live and learn in other parts of the world. The cooking projects become more elaborate as students become more competent in the kitchen. Games become more difficult as more rules and patience are needed at this level. The class takes many discovery nature walks to observe what our natural playground has to offer at each season. Many physical games are played to enhance both fine and gross motor skills.

Up to 17 children with 2-3 teachers