Little Playhouse Parties – Dix Hills Location Only

Let The Little Playhouse throw your child an unforgettable, fun-filled birthday party! Children can enjoy customized parties in our sparkling new facility for kids. Parties are offered on both weekdays and weekends. Our all-inclusive party packages are designed to take the hassle out of party planning so you can relax and celebrate with your friends and family. Every package offers full catering, themed activities, paper goods, party hostesses, and a party room. We plan each Birthday or special occasion to meet the individual interests of you and your child.

All Parties Include:

Basic Little Playtown Party Package – Enjoy open play in our Indoor Little Playtown Playground:
1 &1/2 hours total
$550 for the first 12 children, $16.95 each additional child

  • 1-hour single activity party
  • 1/2 hour use of an exclusive party room
  • Party Hostess’s
  • Set-up and clean-up
  • Paper goods
  • Pizza for each child
  • Drinks for each child
  • Custom birthday cake or Decorate a cupcake

Activity Party Package – Enjoy exciting themes :
1 & 1/2  hours total
$650 for the first 12 children, $16.95 each additional child

Add 1/2 hr Little Playtown Playground  $125

  • 1 hour – activity party
  • 1/2 hour use of an exclusive party room
  • Party Hostess’s
  • Set-up and clean-up
  • Paper goods
  • Pizza for each child
  • Drinks for each child
  •  Birthday cake or decorate a cupcake

Extra half hour of playground time $125
Custom printed invitations $2.00 per
Pinata $75
Ice cream Sundae $3.00 per child
Extra pizza $25.00 Per Pie
Soda For Adults $1.00 per adult
Specialty Birthday Cake Prices start at $100 and up

Adult Catering:
We offer a full adult catering menu. Salads, Sandwich and Wrap platters, Specialty Pizzas, Chips and Dip, Cheese Platters, Fruit and Crudités platters, Bagel and appetizing platters, Dessert trays, and Drinks are all available. Please ask for catering menu at time of booking.


Party times include Monday- Thursday: Times vary. Please check with the front desk.

6:00-7:30 10:00-11:30

Birthday Party Activities :

Waterworks Sprinkler Park Party: Base Price $695 Let our Sprinkler Park host your child’s ultimate summer party!! Perfect for all and mixed age groups. Let the splashing begin!! Rain date available. All ages

My Messy Art Party: Children can do everything from paint and decorate a t-shirt, paint my own piggy bank, jewelry beading, create a puzzle, decorate a sports banner or crown name plaques, make and paint wooden trucks, treasure or heart boxes. We tailor the art project to the age and interests of the birthday child. Ages 2 years and up

Little Chefs Cooking Party: This hands-on party offers the children the opportunity to create and eat their favorite dishes. Choices include pizza making, Mexican fiesta, make and decorate little cakes, cookies or cupcakes, chocolate candy art, and make my own edible jewelry. We can also customize any menu to your child’s favorite dishes. Ages 3 and up

All-Star Sports Party: Kids thrive during this high-energy party. Obstacle courses, games parachute, and relay races are all designed to challenge the birthday child and all their friends. This party is outdoors and requires cooperating weather. A rain date will be scheduled if party is cancelled due to weather interruption. This party works well with My Messy Art Party as children can paint baseball caps, Team Pennants or decorate sports bottles. Ages 4 and up

Let’s Play School! : This party offers our youngest birthday guests the perfect balance of active play and structured activity. Children move at their own pace while exploring our deluxe classroom, fully equipped to enhance all their senses. A Simple art project will be added to this party during the free play period. After 45 minutes of toys, blocks and play dough, the hostess leads the kids in an age appropriate circle time using song, puppets and games. Ages 1-5.

Slumber Party: Kids will have a blast coming to your child’s party dressed in their pj ‘s accompanied by their favorite furry friend or doll pal. Children will enjoy decorating a nightshirt or pillowcase, making s’mores playing twister, or going on a scavenger hunt. A variety of activities can be tailored to the birthday party child’s interests. The atmosphere is enhanced when having this party in the evening. Ages 4 and up

Teddy Bear Picnic or My Favorite Friend Tea Party: Boys and Girls will love to share this party with you and your guest’s favorite friends. The kids will enjoy having a little partner in age appropriate games, making teddy cut out sandwiches or decorating cookies. What fun having a giant picnic with all the goodies and our little friends. Ages 2 and up

Crazy Science Party: Partygoers won’t even realize the learning taking place at a crazy science party! We can grow Colored crystals, make Fizzy Foamy reactions, and even make your own Bubblegum! Girls will love Spa Science as we make their own signature Perfume or Foamy dreamy bath bubbles. Ages 4 and up

Thomas the Train or Lightning McQueen Cars: Calling Percy, James and Lightning McQueen, this party will satisfy every little conductor’s dream! Party guests will make their very own toy train whistle, wooden train or car. Then everyone tries their best at Pin the Number on Thomas game. Ages 1 and up

Olympics Party: After arriving at Olympic Village, children are assigned to their different countries. The teams then participate in an obstacle course, frisbee throw, Olympic torch relay race, and choice of sports game. Everyone wins a medal during this adrenaline pumping party! The party can be scheduled either inside or out, weather permitting. Ages 5 years and up

Princess-Pirate Party: Children’s imaginations run wild while playing dress-up complete with tattoos. Each princess creates their own crown and magic wand, while each pirate makes their own pirate hat and foam sword. Party goers then play “Pin the Princess or Pirate” game. The pirates and princesses then go on a magical treasure hunt! Ages 2 and up

Superhero Party: Superheroes can save the day at this action packed party! The birthday boy/girl wonder can choose either red and blue superstar chocolate art, or comic book collage treasure boxes as their activity. Guests then have a choice of different colored capes as we search for the villain who stole the present! Pass the Kryptonite completes the fun. This party can be customized for any specific superhero. Ages 2 and up

Sesame Street Party: Our youngest boys and girls will love creating their very own Elmo puppets! After playing “Pin the Nose on the Elmo”, party goers are off to Big Bird’s egg hunt. Make your own Elmo cupcakes top off this adorable party. Ages 1 and up



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